Kale Salad with Green Olives, Toasted Nuts and Feta Cheese

This satisfying and delicious kale salad is packed with sun-dried tomatoes, green olives, roasted nuts and sharp feta. 

Kale Salad with Green Olives, Almonds and Feta - The Lemon Bowl

One of my favorite places to work remotely is the Downtown Market here in Grand Rapids. Just a few years old, it is packed with stalls of locally owned and operated businesses selling everything from tacos to pies to sushi and more. During a recent visit I grabbed a kale salad for lunch from Relish Green Grocer filled with green olives, nuts and feta. Immediately, I was inspired me to recreate it at home.

Indian Spice Roasted Nuts - The Lemon Bowl

Of course, in true Liz fashion, I can never just let a nut be a nut so I tossed them in coconut oil and warm Indian spices and made a quick batch of my Indian-Spiced Mixed Nuts. They would be just as delicious toasted dry or with a little olive oil and salt. Feel free to mix and match with your favorite spices….

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