Fast and Healthy Recipes for Back to School

Fast and healthy recipes costing less than $1.50 per serving including a tasty Hummus and Veggie Pita, an easy Asian-Style Grilled Salmon Packet and a frothy Frozen Watermelon Mint Slushy.

Fast and Healthy Recipes for Back to School - The Lemon BowlIt’s a funny thing – even though I don’t have  school-aged kids, there is distinct change that takes place as we transition from August to September. As I mentioned before, fall is a busy time for our family, especially this year as we prepare to welcome our second child into the world.

Whether you have toddlers, teenagers, grown children or no kids at all, you will love these three new recipes that I have created for HumanaVitality®. These fresh new ideas are easy to make, full of flavor and cost less than $1.50 per serving.

Hummus and Veggie Pita Sandwich

When I created this Hummus and Veggie Pita Sandwich I had back-to-school lunches in mind. Of course if you are brown bagging it to work to save money, this is another great option. Trying to eat more meatless meals at dinner time? You will get plenty of protein in this meat-free sammie. You can use the store-bought stuff but homemade hummus takes minutes to prepare and is so easy to customize with roasted red peppers, basil pesto and more.

Asian Style Grilled Salmon and Veggie PacketsIf you’re afraid to cook seafood at home, my Asian Grilled Salmon and Veggie Packets will dispel all fears! By cooking the fish in foil, you not only seal in the juices and natural oils but you don’t have to worry about the salmon sticking to the grill.  You’re welcome.

Frozen Watermelon Mint SlushyNeed a little sweet treat after a meal or a fun afternoon pick-me-up? My Frozen Watermelon Mint Slushy is packed with fresh fruit and bursting with flavor. Sweet watermelon, tangy lime juice and fragrant mint are pretty much a match made in heaven.

What are your go-to healthy recipes for this busy time of year? Leave me a comment below – I would love to hear from you!

Your fork is waiting.

The Lemon Bowl is proud to be a program ambassador working with HumanaVitality®. By integrating rewards with healthy behaviors, HumanaVitality provides the tools and support necessary to help members live healthier lives. For more information about HumanaVitality, please visit the company’s website


  1. says

    Love easy, love healthy! :) These all look and sound delicious! You know I’m all over that pita sammie – my favorite type of lunch! For the kids lunches a couple of times a week I try to make extra at dinner time when I’m making any kind of pasta or rice dish, they love the switch up from their sandwiches! And I always pick up a good amount of fruit over the weekend and get it all cleaned up and ready to add to lunch everyday, I buy whole melons to cut up and that definitely makes it cheaper.

    Great post friend!! I’m totally craving that slushie :)

  2. Susan says

    My favorite afternoon snack is plain Greek yogurt with frozen (thawed if you wish) mixed berries. It is low calorie – if you use non-fat Greek yogurt – and very flavorful, plus it carries me for several hours until dinnertime.

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