Salted Chocolate Oatmeal Smoothie

A healthy spin on an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, this smoothie is packed with protein and full of rich, chocolate flavor.
Salted Chocolate Oatmeal Smoothie - The Lemon BowlI’m not sure where the time went by my littlest one just turned six months old. How the HECK did that happen so quickly?! Everyone jokes that he is always smiling.Admittedly, he is a super chill, friendly and smiley baby.

Jacob 6 Months OldHe is the token laid-back second kid that tricks you into wanting a third. While he is usually in good spirits, he is also cutting teeth and it has been a royal pain in his mouth. As a result, he isn’t sleeping very well and we are back to 2-3 feedings a night.

Jacob Yoga TwistMama is exhausted and apparently I’m also starving because this Salted Chocolate Oatmeal Smoothie is exactly what I was craving during a recent 4am nursing session. The very next morning I woke up and made this smoothie to satisfy my craving. Man, did it hit the spot!

Salted Chocolate Oatmeal Smoothie by The Lemon BowlRich cocoa flavor is sweetened naturally with a ripe banana and blended with creamy yogurt and oats to create a guilt-free smoothie that tastes more like a cookie than breakfast. If you love salt and chocolate as much as I do, be sure to check out my Lemon Shortbread with Salted Chocolate Drizzle and Chocolate Dipped Oranges with Sea Salt.

Your straw is waiting.

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Salted Chocolate Oatmeal Smoothie
Prep time
Total time
A healthy spin on an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, this smoothie is packed with protein and full of rich, chocolate flavor.
Recipe type: Breakfast
Serves: 2
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1 cup plain low fat yogurt
  • ½ cup oats - old fashioned or quick cooking
  • 2 tablespoons cocoa powder
  • 2 scoops chocolate protein powder + 1 cup water
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • ice to thicken
  1. Place all ingredients in a high speed blender and puree until smooth. Start with a handful of ice and add more until you've reached desired consistency.
For a thicker smoothie, use more ice.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 16 oz Calories: 240 Fat: 3.2 g Saturated fat: 1.2 g Unsaturated fat: 2 g Trans fat: 0 Carbohydrates: 37.7 g Sugar: 13.6 g Sodium: 368 mg Fiber: 5.3 g Protein: 17.7 g Cholesterol: 2 mg



  1. says

    Love that smiling baby face! I had to laugh when I saw your link for SU on facebook…you know I need caffeine when this “CAT: FOOD Tags:” made me think you were blogging about cat food. Your fabulous smoothie is much more appealing.

  2. says

    I am not normally a smoothie person, but holy cow, this looks fantastic!
    Now I suppose I actually need to buy a blender :)

  3. says

    How is he 6 months old already?! And such a cutie, that boy!

    This smoothie sounds unbelievably good. I don’t have the excuse of sleep deprivation, but I’m going to be craving this anyways. :)

  4. says

    He is so cute! Just when you think those little babies are sleeping through the night they throw you for a loop. I hate teething–Will was never a good teether so it makes me nervous for what will come with Andrew. :(

    And..this smoothie looks awesome! Perfect pick me up.

  5. says

    Oh my GAH! I know I keep saying that when I see his photos, but words just don’t come out right when I see that smile and those cheeks! Oh yeah… and that smoothie looks amazing too, but OH MY GAH! <3

  6. Susan says

    Jacob is clearly still as mischievous now as he was when he was born! Also as cute.
    This smoothie sounds wonderful – definitely something I’ll make. I will use plain Greek yogurt in it because that’s all I buy, and that will increase the protein. Which is good for me. Thanks for a great post.

    Is there any way to get the nutrition info to print with the recipe? I like to keep the nutrition info with the recipe. Thanks.

    • says

      Hi Susan! When you print the recipe, the Nutrition Facts automatically print on the bottom of the page. Do you see it? It’s not in the box like on the website but it’s listed there. Let me know if you can’t find. As for Jacob, you hit the nail on the head! He is mischievous alright although he’s also really sweet and easy going. :)

      • Susan says

        Hi Liz,
        I’m embarrassed to say that I did finally notice that, not too long after I’d asked the question. Thank you for being patient with me. :-)

  7. says

    How does he keep getting cuter and cuter and CUTER?!

    And now I want something salted chocolatey for breakfast! Great smoothie.

  8. Katy says

    Sounds amazing! I was wondering if there was a substitute for the protein powder as i have none at the moment and I have my eye on this for breakfast tomorrow! :)

  9. Hillary says

    Is this entire smoothie 240 calories, i.e. how it is written? Is 16 oz. a serving? Is it 8 oz? Confuse with servings vs. calories

  10. Sarah says

    Trying this smoothie for lunch today. It’s quite good. I used hemp powder instead of protein powder, and it’s still pretty tasty. nice recipe.


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