10 Things to Do in Portland in 24 Hours {My Visit with Bob of Bob’s Red Mill}

A behind-the-scenes look at my visit with Bob of Bob’s Red Mill plus my travel guide to 10 things to do in Portland in 24 hours.

Meeting Bob of Bob's Red Mill - The Lemon Bowl

Growing up, my mom’s pancakes were made with buckwheat, our bread was whole wheat and dinner was served with a side of bulgur. Lucky for me, whole grains have been a part of my diet for as long as I can remember. As a result, Bob’s Red Mill was the first brand I ever partnered with here on The Lemon Bowl over three years ago.

Bob's Red Mill Group Photo - The Lemon Bowl

Top (left to right): Me, Stephanie, Bob, John and Dana, Cassidy
Bottom (left to right): Sarah and her husband, Julia, Carolyn, Erin

Needless to say, when they invited me to travel to Portland and meet with Bob himself, I said yes in a heartbeat. Bob has been a long time role model for me in the health food industry and I so respect him for choosing people before profit. He is spunky, passionate, outspoken and tells it like it is. And I love him something fierce.

My visit to Portland was brief but meaningful so I’ve decided to share my top 10 things to do in Portland if you just have 24 hours….

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