2018 Gift Guide for the Travel Lover

Shopping for the travel lover in your life? Don’t miss my 2018 Gift Guide for the Travel Lover!

2018 Gift Guide for the Travel Lover

Anyone who knows me in real life or follows me on Instagram knows that I love to travel and will always choose to spend my money on experiences over material items. As a frequent flyer, I’ve learned over the years that certain items simply make traveling more enjoyable and today I’m thrilled to share my travel must-have items with all of you! 

  1. Travelpro Maxlite Spinner Suitcase: When I’m rushing through the airport, I love having a suitcase that I have push in the up-right position. Not only is it easy to maneuver but it’s light weight as well (read: you can pack more!)
  2. Rothy’s Flats: Flattering, comfortable and good for the planet, these seamless shoes are made from 100% recyclable water bottles. How great is that?
  3. Anker Portable Charger: Anyone who has found themselves with an unexpected flight delay understands the importance of keeping a phone charged. I never leave the house without this portable charger which charges my phone up to 4 times!
  4. Patagonia Hat: Whether I’m heading out for a hike, a bike ride or a quick workout, this hat keeps the sun out of my eyes in style.
  5. Living Proof Anti-Humidity Spray: Any time I travel to humid locations I keep this anti-humidity spray in my toiletry bag. It truly works wonders!
  6. Lay-N-Go Cosmetic Bag: If you have as many cosmetics as I do, this portable cosmetic bag is a MUST! You won’t believe how much it can hold and how compact it becomes when closed.
  7. North Face Jacket: Ideal for cold weather locales, this North Face Jacket will keep you warm all day long and will last for years.
  8. High Waist Bikini: I get more compliments on this high waist bikini than just about anything else. Super flattering, I own 5 different designs! Pro Tip: check out the sizing as it runs small (I’m a size 10 and wear an XXL!!)

Happy Shopping, Friends!

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