Family Visit to Boston {Cookbook Photo Shoot}

A sneak peek into our recent family visit to Boston for my eCookbook photo shoot.

Boston Harbor Waterfront - The Lemon Bowl

Last month we traveled to Boston to photograph an eCookbook featuring Rich’s Italian-American family recipes.

Royal Sonesta Boys View from Rooms - The Lemon Bowl

We stayed downtown for the first half of the week at the Royal Sonesta Boston in Cambridge overlooking the beautiful Back Bay skyline.

Royal Sonesta Boats View from Rooms - The Lemon Bowl

In fact, I could even see my old dorms at Boston University from our windows.

Liz and Rich March 2016 - The Lemon Bowl

Rich and I met in Boston 15 years ago so it’s always nostalgic going back and especially magical to be visiting after 10 years of marriage and two kids in tow.

Royal Sonesta Guest Rooms - The Lemon Bowl

If you’re ever visiting Boston with kids, I can’t recommend the Royal Sonesta enough because it is right across the street from a large shopping mall and just around the block from the Museum of Science.

Asher Strawberry Dipping - The Lemon Bowl

In fact, during our visit our four year old had the incredible opportunity to take a private cooking class with the hotel’s Executive Pastry Chef, Christina Allen-Flores.

Chatting with Chef - The Lemon Bowl

A mom herself, she was a complete natural working with Asher in the kitchen. If you’re ever in the area, she offers baking classes during holidays and school vacations so be sure to check them out!


As I mentioned earlier, we were in Boston to photography an eCookbook which will be the first in a series of books profiling Sunday dinner across America. My goal is to share the story of families who stay connected to their ancestors and heritage through food and recipes.

Uncle Vinny's Fritatta - The Lemon Bowl

I can’t wait to share my Uncle Vinny’s Famous Frittata, my Cousin Richie’s Sunday Gravy & Meatballs and my Aunt Dolly’s Stuffed Artichokes. The book will feature these mouth-watering family recipes that were captured beautifully by my friend Raul of Alejandro Photography.


In addition, we also spent a day in the North End touring around to various Italian restaurants, bakeries and eateries with Michele Topor of Boston Food Tours.


We got to sample many Italian specialties such as basket cheese featured above. Rich’s family uses it in their Pizzagaina recipe but it is typically only available around Easter. We were lucky to be visiting just a week before the holiday.


The eBook will feature more beautiful photos and stories from our visit to the North End. Have you ever been before? What are your favorite restaurants?

Peabody Marriott Breakfast

Being able to combine a work trip with a family getaway is a huge blessing and one I don’t take for granted. If you’re ever traveling to the North Shore of Boston, I highly recommend the family-friendly and newly renovated Boston Peabody Marriott Hotel. Before blogging full time I worked in sales for Marriott and actually represented this hotel for several years. It was a privilege to be able to return with my family during a portion of our visit to Boston.

Have you ever visited Boston before? What are your favorite spots or memories? I’d love to hear from you. 

Disclosure: A huge thank you to our gracious hosts throughout our stay including Boston USA, Royal Sonesta Boston and Peabody Marriott.

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14 thoughts on “Family Visit to Boston {Cookbook Photo Shoot}”

  1. I went to Boston once, back in 1977, for work. What I remember from that trip was eating at the Union Oyster House (I think it’s the oldest restaurant in continuous operation in the US) and taking a day trip to Martha’s Vineyard. I remember the city being very interesting, especially from the point of view of having so much history. One day, hopefully I’ll visit again. Glad you enjoyed it so much.

      1. I remember the Oyster House from the time my parents took me to get settled at Berklee College of Music. We ordered schrod, a fish I’ve eaten no where else but Boston.

  2. Liz so wonderful meeting you at IndulgePDX! Love your blog and I’ve followed you for what seems like forever. :) Years ago my husband I had the opportunity to live in Boston for about 5 years. OMG I loved every second. My fave? The amazing food! Among other things, all the history that abounds and the old beautiful cemeteries with head stones from the 1600’s! Such an incredible few years before we headed back west. So excited about your Cookbook. Let me know when it launches and I’ll blitz on my social media. Best wishes to you! Karista

  3. That sounds like such a fun trip! I’ve been to Boston only once and it was only for 24 hours on business, so I didn’t get a chance to check everything out. I was able to check out a few bakeries, but that was it. I would love to take another trip out with my daughter. Asher is about the same age as Nadia and I think she would have had a blast with a baking lesson. You definitely have me wanting to make another trip out soon. P.S. I LOVE that eCookbook idea. I am so curious about food culture and how its changed through generations and countries.

  4. Awh! I love this post!! With one daughter living in the North End, we get there as much as possible! Both of my girls went to school in Boston and my daughter Chels went to BU! Go Terriers! Congratulations on the eCookbook!

  5. Love what you are doing regarding family eating together and preserving their ethnicity. I am from the North Share and live in central PA now via 40 years in Northern VA. I am in the middle of gathering recipes for a family cook book (per the request of
    my grandchildren) to continue my love of all things Swedish! I am actually teaching a class with Ollie in State College, titled, “Smorgasbord: not only meatballs”!
    I can so relate to what you are doing!

  6. Awesome photos Liz! It looks like you guys had so much fun! I’m so excited to visit Boston for the first time this summer for a dance intensive. I’ve heard soooo many wonderful things about it and these pictures definitely confirm that!

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