San Francisco and Berkeley {California Dreaming}

A recap and photo tour of our family vacation in Berkeley and San Francisco, California.

Berkeley and San Francisco - The Lemon Bowl

As you probably noticed if you followed #LemonTravel on Instagram, my family and I recently escaped the Michigan winter for a week of fun in California.

Flying with Toddlers - The Lemon Bowl

The main purpose of the trip was to attend my cousin Hannah’s Bat Mitzvah in Berkeley. However, if you’re going to fly across the country with a squirmy toddler in your lap, you might as well stay awhile so we decided to explore San Francisco as well.

Fishermans Wharf - The Lemon Bowl

This was not my first visit to the Bay Area. In fact, growing up we would fly out during spring break to visit family, often trekking into the city for dim sum and fresh crab.

Bat Mitzvah Photos - The Lemon Bowl

This was Asher’s 3rd visit to California and Jacob’s first but I’m confident it won’t be their last. Also, I’ve decided there is nothing cuter in this universe than toddlers in suits.

Clarmont Palm Trees - The Lemon Bowl

While visiting Berkeley, we stayed at the Claremont Resort located in the Berkeley Hills. We would often stay here as kids so it was fun to return now that I’m a parent myself.

Claremont Tennis - The Lemon Bowl

From our window we could see people playing tennis, walking their dogs, going for a jog… you know, all of those things we can’t do for 5 months out of the year. The climate in the Bay Area is really out of this world magnificent.

Claremont Sunset - The Lemon Bowl

And you really can’t beat the sunset with views of the Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco skyline in the distance under the fog.

Shabbat Dinner - The Lemon Bowl

One of the most memorable evenings of our trip was the Shabbat dinner hosted at my Ema Ljuba’s house. You’ve heard me mention her before but in addition to being the cantor at my wedding, my grandma also makes the best beef brisket and homemade challah bread you’ll ever taste.

San Francisco and Berkeley Photo Tour - The Lemon Bowl

For the last several days of our trip, we headed into San Francisco for more exploring and family adventures. We had a feeling our oldest would love the cable cars. Loved would be an understatement.

Pier at Wharf - The Lemon Bowl

Our day in the city was mid-60’s and sunny so we took advantage of the weather by walking over 6 miles.

Ferry Building - The Lemon Bowl

Of course, we had to visit my version of heaven: the Ferry Building Marketplace. Full of specialty foods and delicacies, I could live inside this hall of deliciousness.

Blogging Friends - The Lemon Bowl

One of the highlights of the visit was the chance to spend a couple hours giggling with a few of my blogging friends who live in the Bay Area. From left to right: Glory, Sarah, Me, Amy, Trish, Amy and Dorothy.

Brother Love - The Lemon Bowl

Overall, the trip was a huge success and I’m so glad we braved a cross-country flight with toddlers. The chance to unplug for the entire week was priceless and I’m so grateful for the experiences and memories we will always cherish.

Skyline from Pier - The Lemon Bowl

What are your favorite family vacation destinations? We are already planning our next adventure so I am all ears!

14 thoughts on “San Francisco and Berkeley {California Dreaming}”

  1. What fun! I’m personally NOT brave enough to take two little ones across the country, unless it is absolutely necessary ;) We stick to places within a 2 hour drive. Luckily we have good winter weather and fun places nearby so I can get away with being a complete weanie. Impressed with your boys!

  2. Beautiful pics and so much fun, Liz! I have never been to SF, but there are places I would like to go to when I am there. And, the seafood! Looks so scrumptious! One day it will happen!

  3. My family and I went to the Grand Canyon back in ’89!! It was really cool! We lived in Arkansas(parents still do) and drove the whole way. crazy but fun. 3 kids 2 parents, 1 week!! I was 12 at the time. sister is 2 years older and our brother is 1 year younger than me! We stopped alot looking around. Stopped at the Royal Gorge on the way back! That was really neat!Everything was so pretty and we all will remember it for so long!!

  4. Thank you for posting your pictures. We are going to San Fran and Berkeley this spring break, and it’s nice to see pictures to whet our traveling appetite.

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