Sending Love to Boston - My Second Home

Boston Common - The Lemon Bowl

As a blogger who works from home, it is very easy to be sucked into and absorbed by technology 24/7. In fact, I have to make a conscious effort on a daily basis to unplug and turn off the constant distractions of Twitter, Facebook and the television.

Swan Boats - The Lemon Bowl

Ironically, when the horrific events were taking place yesterday in Boston, I was in the middle of a rare and precious technology-free moment reading books and playing blocks with my 19 mo son and 18 mo nephew.

Brownstones - The Lemon Bowl

When I turned on the television, I was immediately in shock as I began to learn about the events that were unfolding in my beloved city of Boston. Many of you may know that I moved from home at 17 to attend Boston University. 

Copley Square - The Lemon Bowl

In fact, I spent 9 years of my life living in the beautiful city of Boston. Throughout the first half of Marathon Monday, I was sitting in Michigan wishing I still lived in Boston so that I could be there to experience the "Best Day of the Year".

Samuel Adams Brewery - The Lemon Bowl

Boston treated me very well. My four years at Boston University's School of Hospitality Administration were some of the best years of my life. I met some of my closest friends in college who remain a part of my daily life despite living miles away here in Michigan.

The Public Garden - The Lemon Bowl

Shortly before graduating, I began dating my future husband. My first real job took place in Copley Square and my career in hospitality began at Marriott hotels throughout New England.

Copley Square - The Lemon Bowl

Needless to say, Boston was very good to me and it will always have a special place in my heart.

Prudential - The Lemon Bowl

My husband's family still resides throughout Boston but fortunately no one was near the madness of what took place yesterday.

Beacon Hill - The Lemon Bowl

Our son has never visited Boston but we are planning a trip later in the year so that he can experience the place where his parents fell in love.

Zakim Bridge - The Lemon Bowl

I feel so lucky to have such wonderful memories of this incredible city. I hope you enjoy this photo tour as much as I did as I sit back and reflect on the city I love, the city I consider my second home: Boston.

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