Jamaican Escovitch Fish

This authentic Jamaican seafood recipe is traditionally made with red snapper sauteed with a sweet, tangy, and slightly spicy mixture of peppers, carrots and onions.

– 4 snapper fillets (ideally red snapper) – 1 teaspoon seasoned salt – 1 tablespoon jerk seasoning (or your favorite seasoning such as Creole) – ½ teaspoon cayenne – ¼ cup vegetable oil (or oil of choice) – 1 medium carrot (peeled and cut Julienne ) – 1 medium onion (thinly sliced) – 2 bell peppers, any color (cored and sliced) – 1 Scotch bonnet (whole) – 4 sprigs fresh thyme – ½ teaspoon Jamaican all-spice (or regular ground all-spice) – 2 bay leave – ¼ cup Nakano Natural Rice Vinegar (or red wine) – 1 tablespoon sugar – salt and pepper – minced scallions (optional garnish)


Step 1

Season fish on both sides evenly with seasoned salt, jerk seasoning, and cayenne.

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Step 2

Stir in peppers, onions, and another sprinkle salt and pepper. Saute until they start to caramelize.

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Step 3

Return fish to the pan and cover with the peppers to warm the fish back up.

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