Ranch Water Cocktail

A low calorie, refreshing tequila cocktail, ranch water is the perfect healthy alternative a sugary margarita. Made with just three simple ingredients, ranch water is perfect for entertaining, backyard cocktails or girl's night in.

– 8 ounces silver tequila – 4 ounces lime juice (freshly squeezed) – 16 ounces sparkling water (such as Topo Chico) – tajin, lime wedges (optional garnish)


Step 1

To rim the glasses, gently moisten the rim of four glasses with a lime wedge. 

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Step 2

Pour about ¼ cup of tajin on a plate then gently move the moistened rim around to coat with the salt.

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Step 3

Stir once then top each glass to fill with sparkling water.

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