Braised Chicken Thighs

Braised Chicken Thighs

A hearty and comforting dinner recipe, braised chicken thighs are browned then slowly cooked until tender with tomatoes, olives, garlic, and red wine. I love relaxing with a glass of wine at the end of a busy day, especially a red that is full of antioxidants so I can feel …

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Turkey Black Bean Chili_020

Turkey And Black Bean Chili

This protein-packed turkey black bean chili recipe is filled with sweet, smoky flavors and is sure to impress. This crowd-pleaser is ideal for your next game day party or meal prep! A high-quality protein diet is important, whether you’re looking to curb hunger, repair muscle tissue, or prevent muscle loss …

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Arabic Lentil Soup Blended

Arabic Lentil Soup

Arabic Lentil Soup is made with hearty vegetables and brown lentils simmered with warm spices like cinnamon and cumin then blended until smooth. My Lebanese family has made many variations of this Arabic Lentil Soup over the years. It’s one of my favorite comfort foods because it’s warm, nutrient-dense, and …

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Hushwee with Rice Pilaf 1

Lebanese Hushwee Rice

An easy one-pan meal, Lebanese Hushwee Rice is a beef and rice mixture and is a Lebanese staple made with cinnamon, toasted pine nuts, and rice pilaf cooked in clarified butter. Naturally gluten-free, this is the ultimate comfort food!  One of my go-to’s on a busy weeknight, this Lebanese Hushwee …

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Green chili stew

Green Chile Stew

This New Mexican style green chile stew is made with roasted green chiles, tender pork, and creamy Yukon potatoes. Living in Michigan, we can get some pretty cold days. But even in sunny SoCal it can get chilly, and nothing soothes the soul better on a cold day than a …

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Italian Stuffed Artichoke

Italian Stuffed Artichokes

These Italian stuffed artichokes are made with simple pantry ingredients and result in the most comforting, crowd-pleasing side dish recipe. You know those recipes you make that immediately transport you to another time, perhaps another kitchen or another place? These Italian stuffed artichokes do just that for me: they take …

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new england hermit cookie bars 2

New England Hermit Cookie Bars

Discover the ultimate hermit cookie bars! With a delightful resemblance to gingerbread cookies, these delectable treats boast a soft and chewy texture, crafted with a harmonious blend of ginger, molasses, and raisins. For those that know me, know that I’m a bigger fan of savory than sweet. So baked goods …

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Espresso Rum Martini 3

Espresso Rum Martini

An indulgent, flavorful cocktail, this Espresso Rum Martini is made with fresh brewed espresso and decadent, 12 year rum. I recently returned from another wonderful Fresh Air Retreat in Austin, Texas. My glass is full from the fantastic interactions with fellow food bloggers during a week of eating delicious food, …

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Gin fizz drink

Apple Gin Fizz Cocktail

This crisp and refreshing apple gin fizz cocktail recipe is made with apple cider, gin, fresh lemon juice, and sparkling water to top. I recently returned from another successful gathering of the Fresh Air Retreat, the biannual retreat I co-host with Lauren of The Curious Plate. Having the opportunity to …

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stuffed cabbage rolls

Lebanese Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

These Lebanese Stuffed Cabbage Rolls are a Middle Eastern specialty bursting with flavor. This recipe is made with beef, rice, lemon and garlic and is an ideal entree or main dish! All around the world people prepare stuffed cabbage rolls using many different ingredients and cooking methods. Today, I’m sharing …

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Turkish Eggplant Salsa

Turkish Eggplant Salsa

This smoky Turkish eggplant salsa made with tomatoes and red peppers can be served hot, cold, or room temperature.  My husband and I love eating out at a local Turkish restaurant here in Grand Rapids. In typical Liz fashion, I am always more interested in the appetizers than the entire rest …

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Easy Chicken Soup with Greens

Easy Chicken Soup with Greens

Loaded with fresh veggies and plenty of lean protein, this is the perfect meal-in-a-bowl chicken soup that will warm the belly and soul. Have you ever tasted a dish that feels like a hug? My easy chicken soup with greens is literally a warm bowl of comfort. Whether you’re coming …

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Healthy pumpkin waffles

Healthy Pumpkin Waffles

These hearty whole wheat healthy pumpkin waffles are protein-packed and full of warm spices including cinnamon, nutmeg, and ground cloves. Fall is officially in the air and I couldn’t be more excited! Pumpkins are starting to pop up at the farmers market, leaves are starting to change colors, and we …

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Quinoa Pilaf with Mirepoix

Quinoa Pilaf with Mirepoix

A simple yet delicious side dish, this Quinoa Pilaf with Mirepoix is vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free! I like to keep things interesting at our dinner table by not always serving the same old sides of rice or salad. If a side is simple enough that I can focus most of …

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