Chocolate Espresso Protein Smoothie

Chocolate Espresso Smoothie - The Lemon Bowl

Thick, creamy and packed with protein, this chocolate espresso smoothie will give you all-day energy.  Chocolate and coffee is one of the best flavor combinations of the world and one that I was first introduced to by my beautiful mother. Every family birthday celebration was centered around my mom's famous "Duck Cake" which was simply a yellow cake baked in a duck-shaped pan. You see, my maiden … {Read the full article}

Easy Hard Boiled Eggs Recipe

Easy Hard Boiled Eggs - The Lemon Bowl

Hard boiled eggs are packed with protein, vitamins and minerals - perfect for on-the-go snacking.With Easter and Passover right around the corner, my weekly egg consumption is about to get kicked up a notch! And frankly, I couldn't be more thrilled. After a long, brutally cold winter, I am ready to embrace every aspect of spring and Passover is always the first sign of it in my family. Although … {Read the full article}

Maple Walnut Apple Butter Oatmeal

Maple Apple Butter Oatmeal - The Lemon Bowl

Maple Walnut Apple Butter Oatmeal is a warm, hearty and satisfying breakfast that will give you the fuel you need to start your day.  We love oatmeal in this house which comes to no surprise since I grew up eating oatmeal throughout my childhood. Perhaps it's the never ending Michigan winter or the simple fact that my mom has always taught us the importance of starting each morning with whole … {Read the full article}

Ham and Cheese Baked Egg Cups

Ham and Cheese Egg Cups - The Lemon Bowl

Ham and cheese egg muffins are the ideal, protein-packed breakfast that can be made ahead and quickly reheated on busy weekday mornings.  Everyone warned me that two would be harder than one but boy were they right! To say that our mornings are a little hectic would be an understatement. By the time I nurse the baby, change a zillion diapers and get my 2 year old to sit down long enough to eat … {Read the full article}

Protein Packed Pancakes

Protein Pancakes - The Lemon Bowl

With over 18 grams of protein per serving, these pancakes will give you and your family lasting energy all morning long. As we near the end of February, I thought it might be a good time to check in and see how everyone is doing with their healthy living goals. Have you been cooking at home more? Getting active most days of the week? I've been working hard to kick the baby weight and so far, … {Read the full article}

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes {Gluten Free}

Chocolate PB Protein Pancakes - The Lemon Bowl

Filled with chocolate peanut butter goodness, these pancakes are naturally gluten free, 100% whole grain and packed with protein to give you lasting energy. Did you know that February is National Pancake Month? Talk about a holiday I can get excited about! I'm not sure if you noticed, but my goal in life is to create guilt free versions of pancakes that I can enjoy on a daily basis. What can I … {Read the full article}

Slow Cooker Ginger Spiced Apple Butter {No Sugar Added}

Slow Cooker Sugar Free Apple Butter

Ginger spiced apple butter is made by slowly cooking apples until they caramelize and turn a beautiful, deep brown color. Naturally sweetened with no sugar added, spread on pancakes, stir into oatmeal or serve on toast. If you followed me on any form of social media last year between the months of May and October you probably noticed that I am mildly obsessed with Michigan grown produce. Between … {Read the full article}

Chocolate Banana Oat Muffins

Banana Oat Chocolate Muffins - The Lemon Bowl

These lightly sweetened muffins are packed with whole grains, heart-healthy walnuts, rich cocoa powder and ripe bananas. My two year old loves drinking smoothies for breakfast so inevitably we end up with a few extra ripe bananas each week. Normally I freeze them for future smoothies but there is something about a snowy weekend that gets me in the baking mood. In lieu of making my favorite … {Read the full article}