60 Minute Cardio Playlist: Free Download!


Download this free 60-minute workout playlist for your next cardio session or trip to the gym!


Music… is there anything better in life? I literally listen to music all day long whether I’m cooking, editing photos, or just dancing with my kids in the living room. Of course, you know how much I rely on good music to work out so I’m back with another FREE downloadable playlist for your next sweat sesh! 

Whether you’re going on a run, lifting weights or hitting the elliptical, these are a few of my favorite jams right now. Let me know what you think and be sure to tell me what great songs you’re listening to lately! I’m always looking for more tunes.


4 thoughts on “60 Minute Cardio Playlist: Free Download!”

    1. I signed up with Spotify. Apparently you can only listen to the playlist but can’t download it. I might be missing something.

      1. You can only listen to it through Spotify if that’s what you mean? But you should be able to save it to your Playlists and access it anywhere you access Spotify i.e. on your computer or phone?

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