20 Healthy Grain Bowl Recipes

A collection of my favorite healthy grain bowl recipes, including savory, sweet, protein packed and vegetarian!

Healthy grain bowl recipe- Lebanese rice bowls with hummus.

Grain bowls are a fun and easily customizable dinner to make. Fast, versatile, and packed with nutrients, there are endless possibilities when it comes to your next meal-in-a-bowl. Also commonly referred to as Buddha bowls, they can be made with rice, quinoa, bulgur wheat, or even oats! Whether you’re looking for a sweet or savory option, here are 20 healthy grain bowl recipes for you to try out from me and some of my favorite food bloggers. Enjoy! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which type of grain is healthiest?

Oats and quinoa are packed full of fiber as well as antioxidants and other vitamins! They’re also naturally gluten-free.

Are grain bowls good for weight loss?

If you pack it full of protein, then yes! Meals full of fiber and protein keep you feeling fuller for longer, so you’re inclined to eat less often and cut calories, helping you to lose weight.

What are the basics of a Buddha bowl?

Start with a base of a whole grain, like wild rice or quinoa, then pack on lots of fresh veggies, a plant or animal based protein, and maybe drizzle with a dressing or sauce.

Lebanese beef and rice bowls with hummus

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20 Healthy Grain Bowl Recipes

Grain Bowls with Chicken and Vegetables

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40 minutes
This protein-packed chicken and roasted veggie grain bowl is drizzled with a creamy tahini dressing and bursting with flavor.
Grain Bowls with Chicken and Veggies - a healthy meal in a bowl

Quinoa and Roasted Broccoli Lunch Bowls

Make these Quinoa and Roasted Broccoli Lunch Bowls ahead of time, and you’ll have a nutritious, protein-packed lunch ready for busy weekdays!
quinoa-and-roated-broccoli-lunch-bowls- Kristines Kitchen

Grilled Vegetable Southwestern Quinoa Bowls

These Grilled Vegetable Southwestern Quinoa Bowls are so jam packed with flavor! This is going to be your new favorite salad!
grilled_vegetable_southwestern_quinoa_bowl - Wine and Glue

Mel’s Buddha Bowls {With Super Tasty Peanut Sauce}

This easy Buddha bowl recipe with creamy peanut sauce is healthy…AND super tasty! It is also super easy to customize!
Mel’s Buddha Bowls {With Super Tasty Peanut Sauce}

Banh Mi Chicken Rice Bowls

The chicken is marinated with Chinese five spice which might just be my favorite spice ever. It should be called sensational spice, or crack spice.
banh-mi-bowl- Foodness Gracious

Wasabi Vegetable Bowls

Vegetable-packed brown rice vegetable bowls with broccoli, spinach, microgreens, cucumber, and a wasabi sauce. A delicious and healthful weeknight vegan meal!
wasabi_vegetable_bowls - The Roasted Root

Lebanese Rice Bowls with Hummus

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25 minutes
These Lebanese rice bowls are topped with seasoned beef, garlicky hummus, cucumber yogurt sauce and more. The ultimate meal-in-a-bowl!
Savory-Oatmeal-Breakfast-Bowls-with-Smoky-Garlic-Greens-and-Chipotle-Honey-Vinaigrette- Edible Mosaic

Chicken Caesar Salad Bowls with Quinoa

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30 minutes
This hearty and satisfying salad bowl recipe is filled with leafy romaine, juicy chicken and protein-packed quinoa then drizzled with a Caesar vinaigrette. 
Blackberry_coconut_bulgar_breakfast_bowl - Cook Nourish Bliss

Honey Sriracha Chicken Quinoa Bowls

Honey Sriracha Chicken Quinoa Bowl – a very simple combination of sweet and spicy flavored chicken served over quinoa.
sriracha-honey-chicken-quinoa-edited - Cooking LSL

Beef Taco Quinoa Bowls

Taco Salad Bowls are a delicious and healthy 30 minute meal that satisfies everyone at the dinner table. They are simple, fresh, and easy to make.
Beef-Taco-Quinoa-Salad-Bowls-final- Inside Bru Crew Life

Chicken Quinoa Bowls

5 stars
30 minutes
This healthy make-ahead chicken burrito bowl is filled with protein-rich quinoa, creamy avocado,and pico de gallo.The ultimate high protein recipe.
Make-Ahead-Breakfast-Grain-Bowls-with-Turkey-Sausage-Meatballs-2- Foxes Love Lemons

Spring Vegetable Grain Bowls with Pistachio Pesto

Roasted Spring Vegetable Grain Bowls highlight the best of the best in the produce aisle this time of year. They’re healthy, full of flavor, and ridiculously easy to make!
Spring-Vegetable-Grain-Bowls-with-Pesto - Healthy Delicious

Smoky Tempeh Vegetable Rice Bowls

Smoky tempeh with fresh vegetables and sprouts over rice and topped with an egg makes for a healthy, and delicious meal.
smoky-tempeh-vegetable-and-rice-bowl-4- Soup Addict

Asian Shrimp Barley Bowls

This Asian Shrimp Barley Bowl is a healthy, easy to make, make ahead dinner recipe! We love this chewy, nutty barley mixed with fresh jumbo shrimp!
asian-shrimp-barley-bowl-top - Mantitlement

Nourish Buddha Bowls with Harissa Tahini Dressing

This Nourish Buddha Bowl is filled with nourishing, detoxifying and best of all absolutely delicious veggies and grains and topped with an incredible tahini dressing!
This-Nourish-Buddha-Bowl-is-filled-with-nourishing-detoxifying-and-best-of-all-absolutely-delicious-veggies-and-grains-topped-with-an-incredible-tahini-dressing - Jessica in the Kitchen

Spicy Kimchi Quinoa Bowls

These spicy kimchi quinoa bowls are the perfect weeknight dinner. They’re quick, easy and super healthy, packed with protein, fermented veggies, and greens!
spicy-kimchi-quinoa-bowl- Simply Quinoa

Berry Quinoa Power Bowls

Start your mornings off right with these superfood power bowls, loaded with fresh berries and a drizzle of honey. Quick and easy!
Berry quinoa power bowls - Damn Delicious

Vegan Thai Veggie Quinoa Bowls

Thai Veggie Quinoa Bowl recipe is a perfect summer one pot meal. Full of crunchy flavors and a sharp and tangy Asian inspired dressing. Healthy and delicious. Vegan and Gluten-Free too.

Grain Bowls with Maple Chipotle Brussels and Coconut Roasted Sweet Potatoes

grain-bowl-I-howsweeteats.com How Sweet it Is
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