Traditional potato latkes 2

Traditional Potato Latkes

Papa Leo’s traditional potato latkes are the perfect dish to serve for Hanukkah or any day of the year! When Hanukkah rolls around every year, I have a hard time straying away from the traditional potato latke recipe passed down from my Papa Leo. Crispy, salty, savory potato pancakes in

Lemony lentil soup with spinach 2

Lemony Lentil Soup with Spinach

Lemony lentil soup with spinach gets a boost of flavor from cinnamon, cumin, and garlic. It should come as no surprise that I love to include lemon in most of my cooking, so I also add it to my soups. My Lemony Lentil Soup with Spinach is a filling main course

sausage kale butternut soup1

Sausage, Kale, and Butternut Squash Soup

Spicy Italian sausage, hearty kale, and creamy butternut squash create a warm and satisfying soup that is perfect for freezing. One of my favorite quick and healthy dinners in the cold season (or any season really) is a warm bowl of soup. This Sausage, Kale, and Butternut Squash Soup is

Vegan stuffed mushrooms

Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms

Mushroom caps are filled with a flavor-packed spinach filling made with garlic, onions, kalamata olives and sun-dried tomatoes. When I’m entertaining, I find that variety is super important when it comes to the dishes that are served. Not every bite needs to have a protein, and my Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms

Baked brie with apple cherry compote spread on baguette

Baked Brie with Apple Cherry Compote

Brie is topped with a sweet and tart apple cherry compote then baked until slightly melted and gooey. Perfect to serve at parties, holidays, or date-night-in, this easy appetizer recipe is always a crowd favorite! We are entering one of my favorite times of year, the holiday season! That’s partly

Light Seafood Chowder

Lightened Seafood Chowder

This lightened seafood chowder is packed with hearty vegetables, fish, and shrimp in a light and fragrant broth made with sweet corn and a little kick of heat. Chowder doesn’t have to be made with just clams as it does in New England, and it doesn’t have to be made

Spicy lebanese salad 2

Spicy Lebanese Salad

The traditional Lebanese salad with a spicy kick, salad greens are tossed with olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, mint, za’atar, and minced chilis. Are you looking for a way to shake things up with your salads? How about spicing things up with my Spicy Lebanese Salad. This traditional Lebanese salad

zaatar crusted cauliflower steaks

Za’atar Crusted Cauliflower Steaks

These flavor-packed Za’atar Crusted Cauliflower Steaks are easy to make and are the ultimate vegetarian entree or side dish recipe! If you buy your cauliflower at the right time, you’ll find that they can get HUGE! If you’ve never tried making cauliflower steaks at home, I think you should start.

White wine ginger beer sangria

White Wine Ginger Beer Sangria

This sparkling white wine ginger beer sangria is made with three types of citrus juice. The ultimate party drink, this recipe is great for entertaining a crowd! Anyone who knows me knows I love to host. And with the opportunity to host gatherings, comes the opportunity to come up with

Curried lentils with sweet potatoes

Curried Lentils with Sweet Potatoes

Curried Lentils with Sweet Potatoes is a vegetarian meal that is loaded with protein, fiber, and nutrients. I’m normally the type of person to plan out a weekly menu. Most Sundays, I’m scouring recipe books and compiling grocery lists. But sometimes, it’s nice to have a dinner that doesn’t call

Vegan Chocolate espresso mousse

Vegan Chocolate Espresso Mousse

Cool, creamy, and full of rich chocolate flavor, you won’t miss the added fat and calories in this lightened up vegan chocolate mousse recipe. When it comes to dessert, I almost always gravitate towards chocolate. My Vegan Chocolate Espresso Mousse is a nod to my mother who always adds espresso

Jalapeno moscow mule

Jalapeño Moscow Mule

A spicy twist on the traditional Moscow mule recipe, this version is made with gin, jalapeños, and ginger beer. The perfect drink that’s zesty, spicy, and not too sweet. Whenever I try a new cocktail at a restaurant, I love going home and making it my own. These spicy Jalapeño

Serving creamy tuna noodle casserole

Creamy Tuna Noodle Casserole

This delicious, creamy tuna casserole is made with baby bella mushrooms, parmesan cheese, and tangy yogurt. There is very little I find more comforting than a warm, delicious casserole for dinner. My Creamy Tuna Noodle Casserole is inspired by my mother’s recipe, with some twists of my own. However, there

Carrot apple ginger green smoothie 2

Carrot Apple Ginger Green Smoothie

This Carrot Apple Ginger Green Smoothie in the perfect balance of sweet, tangy, and spicy flavors to start your day right. Green smoothies are all the rage in my kitchen. I know a lot of people worry, “Will I taste the spinach?” The answer? Nope! At least not with the proper ingredients

Slow cooker vegetarian chili with butternut squash

Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chili

A hearty and satisfying vegetarian chili full of smoky flavors and sweet butternut squash – perfect for vegetarians and meat eaters alike. Chili is one of my favorite go-to healthy meals because it is jam packed with flavor and nutrients. And my Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chili is proof you don’t

Holding kale banana berry smoothie

Kale Banana Berry Smoothie

This Kale Banana Berry Smoothie makes a delicious not-so-green smoothie to jump start your day in a healthy way. Green smoothies are all the rage these days, and for good reason! Smoothies are a wonderful way for you to get your daily fruit and veggie intake. Especially if you aren’t

Roasted butternut squash soup 2

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut squash is roasted with olive oil and curry powder until caramelized then pulsed with chicken or vegetable stock until smooth and creamy. I am a total soup fanatic. Regardless of the weather or season, I’ll never turn down a comforting, warm bowl of soup. And I love this Roasted

Baked dijon salmon

Baked Dijon Salmon

Wild salmon baked in a delicious Dijon sauce and crusted in panko breadcrumbs, all ready in under 20 minutes. Wild salmon is one of my favorite seafoods, or any food, ever. It is readily available, loaded in flavor, extremely nutritious and cooks in under 20 minutes. I love it soy-glazed, spiced

Sausage pesto pasta with peas

Sausage Pesto Pasta with Caramelized Onions and Peas

This easy, 20 minute pasta recipe is made with Italian sausage, basil pesto, caramelized onions, and sweet green peas. Kid-friendly and crowd-pleasing, this sausage pasta recipe is sure to be a new favorite. As a mom (and a working one, at that), a good, one-dish dinner makes my days so

Roasted vegetables provencal style

Roasted Vegetables Provencal Style

Roasted vegetables with Provencal herbs for a sweet, tender, and smoky side dish. Roasting is one of my favorite cooking techniques for vegetables, especially in the colder months when a little extra heat from the oven is welcome. Unlike boiling, roasting prevents any of the nutrients in the vegetables from escaping

Ham and bean soup

Slow Cooker Ham and Bean Soup

An easy slow cooker dinner recipe that uses leftover ham, this comforting and flavorful ham and bean soup is full of hearty vegetables and smoky aromas. Winter has taken its sweet time arriving this year in Michigan, not that I’m complaining! I don’t need it to be cold to enjoy

Fire roasted sausage and kale pasta

Fire Roasted Sausage and Kale Pasta

Fire roasted tomatoes, crisp kale, and flavorful Italian sausage mix to make a delicious and healthy pasta dinner. Sausage and kale go together like garlic and onions. So why not make a dish that uses all four? I added tomatoes and whole-wheat pasta for good measure, too. I’ve also thrown in

Chicken and Chickpea Soup with Bulgur wheat

Chicken and Chickpea Soup with Bulgur Wheat

This simple, comforting chicken soup recipe is made with hearty chickpeas and whole grain bulgur wheat cooked in a classic chicken bone broth. If you know me, you know I love a comforting, warm bowl of soup. Soup season lasts year round at my house, and Smart Chicken® has just

Rosemary and gin grapefruit cocktail

Rosemary and Gin Grapefruit Cocktail

This bright and refreshing gin cocktail is made with ruby red grapefruit juice and rosemary simple syrup. Festive enough for special occasions but easy enough for a casual date night at home. Are you looking for a new, refreshing drink? This Rosemary and Gin Grapefruit Cocktail is the answer you’ve

Baked Brie with almonds and apples

Baked Brie with Honey and Almonds

The easiest appetizer you’ll ever make, this warm baked brie with honey and sliced almonds is a crowd favorite and takes just minutes to prepare. Do you know how everyone has a handful of foolproof, go-to recipes that they keep going back to again and again? This appetizer is one

cranberry sauce in a bowl

Slow Cooker Cranberry Sauce

Loaded with health benefits and requiring only five ingredients, this slow cooker cranberry sauce is the perfect make-ahead side dish for your table. We were never a big cranberry sauce family growing up and to be honest, after seeing images of the plum colored gel sliding out of a can and

A person holding a spoon, with Mushroom and Rice

Creamy Vegan Mushroom Wild Rice Soup

This warm and comforting vegan soup is packed with hearty vegetables, mushrooms, and wild rice. Thai-style coconut milk is stirred in to add a creamy texture and velvety consistency that can’t be beat. When there’s a chill in the air, there is nothing I want more than a hearty bowl

A close up of a plate of food with broccoli, with Chicken and Penne

Chicken and Brussels Sprouts with Penne

Protein-packed and full of flavor, this family-friendly pasta recipe is made with tender chicken breasts and hearty Brussels sprouts tossed with lemon juice, garlic, and onion. Brussels sprouts frequently get a bad rep, but I love the little baby cabbages! Not only are they versatile and delicious in many dishes,

Lamb vegetable soup

Lamb Vegetable Soup

Warm up with this hearty bowl of Lamb Vegetable Soup filled with hearty potatoes, celery, carrots, and ground lamb. With the crisp chill that comes with fall, many mark it as the start of soup season. But I love soup so much, I’ll make it year round! While a warm

Grapefruit paloma cocktail

Spicy Grapefruit Paloma

This traditional Mexican cocktail made with fresh grapefruit juice and tequila is given a spicy kick from a chili-infused simple syrup.  I am always looking for easy cocktail recipes for entertaining. Whether I’m hosting or joining friends or family for a holiday, I truly enjoy whipping up a pitcher of

Hearty Bean and Ham Soup Recipe HR

Navy Bean and Ham Soup

Navy bean and ham soup is easy, quick-cooking and packed with protein. Made with creamy navy beans, cubes of smoked ham and lots of hearty veggies, this soup recipe is ideal for prepping ahead and enjoying all week long! Recently I had lunch with my mom and sisters at Thrasher’s

Honey Chipotle Butternut Squash 18 WEB

Honey Chipotle Glazed Butternut Squash

Roasting this honey chipotle butternut squash until everything caramelizes provides so much flavor and texture, you won’t believe what you’re eating! Butternut squash is one of those side dishes of which many people do not have fond memories. Maybe you were forced to eat mashed and soggy squash as a