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Overnight Chia Seed Pudding

    This creamy, maple-infused chia seed pudding is a naturally vegan breakfast recipe made with just five simple pantry ingredients. Allowing the chia seeds to soak overnight turns them into a tapioca-like pudding dream. 

    overnight chia seed pudding

    As someone who has maintained a 60 pound weight loss for over ten years now (and has had to lose it all over again through two pregnancies!), I can tell you from experience: it’s 80% what you eat. That said, unless you’re a magical goddess with a private chef and personal trainer at home, it requires a bit of pre-planning to set yourself up for success throughout the week. 

    3 glasses with overnight chia seed pudding inside

    One of my biggest time-saving tips for healthy eating is to meal prep on Sunday so that I have healthy foods I can grab and go all week long.

    Chia seed pudding, my latest obsession, was inspired by my 5-year-old who recently fell in love with chia pudding during our visit to Toronto over the summer.

    Chia Pudding a healthy vegan breakfast recipe

    The best part? They take just 5 minutes to assemble and are ideal for making ahead of time. Naturally vegan and gluten-free made with full-fat coconut milk, the chia seeds soak up the moisture overnight and turn into a tapioca-like pudding dream. I like to add a little maple syrup, vanilla, and salt but feel free to swap out for honey, add cinnamon or whisk in some cocoa powder. I have even a Gingerbread chia seed pudding you could check out. The options are endless.

    Frequently asked questions:

    How long does chia seed pudding last for?

    How long does chia seed pudding last for?

    Your spoon is waiting.

    3 glasses with overnight chia seed pudding inside

    Overnight Chia Seed Pudding

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    This creamy, maple-infused overnight chia seed pudding is a naturally vegan breakfast recipe made with just five simple pantry ingredients.
    PREP: 5 mins
    TOTAL: 5 mins
    Servings: 4



    • Whisk together all ingredients in one medium bowl or four small mason jars. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Serve in the morning with fresh fruit.

    Recipe Video


    Serving: 1gCalories: 302kcalCarbohydrates: 24gProtein: 5.3gFat: 20.9gSaturated Fat: 13.6gPolyunsaturated Fat: 7.3gSodium: 179mgFiber: 6.7gSugar: 14.5g

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    Liz DellaCroce

    Liz Della Croce is the creator and author of The Lemon Bowl, a healthy food blog. Since 2010, Liz has been sharing delicious recipes that just so happen to be healthy. By using real ingredients with an emphasis on seasonality, Liz has built a growing audience of loyal readers who crave good food for their families. Click Here To Subscribe to my newsletter:


      1. Hi , I came across this easy to go recipe Bt when I tried it didn’t come out to be thick . The texture is same as before when I was preparing.
        Please help and suggest what can be the fault.

    1. Such a (hopefully) easy recipe! I’m gonna try tonight. I buy chia pudding a lot from our local health food stores but it’s kinda expensive so I really want to make my own. I tried a banana chia pudding recipe with almond milk and it just didn’t turn out great at all! This one sounds delicious and pretty simple.
      How long can I keep these in the fridge for? If I make 5 or more how long will they last or should I just make what I’ll eat? Can you freeze these?

      Thanks again!

    2. I’ve made this recipe 2 timea. Today being the second time. Eaxh time I made enough to make 8 to 10 servings. I used whole milk each time. I used sugar free syrup as well. The first time I used coconut extract amd top it with mixed berries and some with vanilla extract with pineapples. Today I made some with almond extract with pineapples and some with banana extract with banans. For the sweetener today I made simple syrup. Either way it was delicious. Thanks for the recipe.

    3. Hi! Just saw this recipe and can’t wait to try it. How long will this keep in the fridge? If I make some for the week will that work?

    4. Hello! This is my 1st time on your website & after perusing I found your chia seed pudding. I had been modifying another recipe that I found but yours is almost exactly how I do it!! I love using full fat canned coconut milk! I think it works so much better than almond milk. (Never a fan of cow milk!) And a recipe that is for more than 1 serving! Thanks again! Looking forward to your weekly updates/recipes.

      1. I have been using canned coconut milk but it has a oily/greasy film on pudding and it’s very thick. I have heated the milk to mix it thoroughly but still is greasy. Any help would be greatly appreciated

    5. I made this last night for breakfast today– wow is this ever delicious! I’m doing a Veganuary (which may turn into a Vefebruary tbh) and I’m having so much fun preparing, planning, cooking foods and recipes that I never have before. This is the best chia pudding I’ve made so far! I just made he basic recipe and topped it with fresh blueberries today, but tomorrow stir in some almond butter and top with cacao nibs or get a little crazier. :)
      Thanks again!

    6. Hi Liz,
      Made the chia pudding last night and the taste was spot on, however the texture was much too thick. I used a can of coconut milk but that only measured out to 1 1/2 cup. Did you put in additional liquid or did you just adjust the amount of chia seeds?


      1. Hi Cynthia –

        The recipe is for 2 cups so if you only measured 1 1/2 cups it would definitely be too thick. That said, since most people will probably use a can which is less than 2 cups I’ve gone ahead and adjusted the recipe to be 1/3 cup chia seeds. :)

        Sorry for the confusion!!

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