Chicken Recipes

Hundreds of chicken recipes with ideas for soups, salads, chicken breasts and much more! Find your perfect chicken recipe here.

Mexican Chicken Soup Recipe

Mexican Chicken Soup

This simple, flavorful Mexican chicken soup is warm, comforting and easy to make. Naturally gluten free, it’s great for feeding a crowd! Mexican chicken soup, also know as caldo de pollo, is one of my top comfort foods of all …

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Chicken Enchiladas Verdes

Chicken Enchiladas Verdes

Traditional Mexican enchiladas are much lighter than the typical restaurant dish served throughout America. Made with white corn tortillas, poached chicken breasts and a light coating of queso fresco, this dish is simple and satisfying but won’t weigh you down.  …

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Chicken Tawook Salad Recipe Healthy Fresh

Chicken Tawook Salad

This satisfying chicken salad is made with tender breast meat marinated in a lemon, garlic vinaigrette then served over a fragrant Lebanese salad.  Chicken tawook is one of my all time favorite salad recipes of all time. In fact, I …

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Tandoori chicken

Grilled Tandoori Chicken

A flavorful yogurt-based marinade results in juicy, tender chicken breasts bursting with warm Indian spices. When dining out, I almost always prefer an ethnic restaurant over American fare. I’ve never been much for a burger and unfortunately for my husband, …

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