Apple Peanut Butter Overnight Oats

Creamy, natural peanut butter and crisp, juicy apples are the perfect natural sweetener for overnight steel cut oats.

Apple season continues here in Michigan and to celebrate, we recently picked up a big bag of crisp gala apples from a local orchard.  Is there anything worse than a mealy apple? I vote no.

Truth be told: I love a fresh apple but a fresh apple mixed with creamy natural peanut butter? Yes, please.  All of my friends know that I am mildly obsessed with Koeze natural peanut butter.  Not only is it roasted locally here in Grand Rapids but it comes in the most adorable glass jar.

This is thrilling for two reasons:
1. The glass jar can be microwaved.  (Warm peanut butter anyone?)
2. When the peanut butter is almost gone, the jar instantly becomes a re-sealable container for overnight oats.

If you love the idea of making breakfast the evening before but don’t love the idea of cold oats, simply pop the jar in the microwave and a warm breakfast will be ready in 30 seconds.

Your fork spoon is waiting.

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Apple Peanut Butter Overnight Oats
Prep time
Total time
Creamy, natural peanut butter and crisp, juicy apples are the perfect natural sweetener for overnight steel cut oats.
Recipe type: Breakfast
  • ¼ c steel cut oats
  • ½ c milk - fat free
  • ⅓ c plain yogurt - low fat
  • ½ tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tbs peanut butter - natural (or whatever is left in jar)
  • ¼ banana - sliced
  • ½ apple - cored and diced
  1. In an almost-empty peanut butter jar or another resealable glass jar, combine all ingredients except banana and apples.
  2. Seal jar and refrigerate overnight.
  3. Top with banana slices and diced apple in the morning.
Serve cold, room temp or pop in the microwave for 30 seconds to warm. Steel cuts will have a nice chew to them but if you prefer to cook them further, add ¼ c extra milk and microwave for 90 seconds.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 jar Calories: 408 Fat: 14 g Saturated fat: 2.4 g Unsaturated fat: 11.6 g Trans fat: 0 Carbohydrates: 60.9 g Sugar: 20.9 g Sodium: 143 mg Fiber: 10.8 g Protein: 18.5 g Cholesterol: 5 mg



  1. says

    That sounds awesome! I have just finally started eating oatmeal for breakfast after years of wanting to but not enjoying it. My new go-to is 1/2 almond milk and 1/2 water with a pinch of salt, cinnamon, vanilla extract and a teaspoon of each raisins and maple syrup. I eat PB and apples as a snack almost everyday so this is right up my alley – I have to try it!

  2. says

    can this be done with almond milk and almond yogurt? I assume it’s simply the liquid that helps ‘cook’ the oats overnight?
    i may just have to try!

    • says

      Absolutely!! You got it – the liquid basically softens (aka cooks) the oats so that it’s easy to eat. I like mine on the chewier side but some people like their oats a bit more mushy and add more liquid. Totally up to you! Enjoy!

  3. Jennifer says

    I, too, am wondering if Old Fashioned Oats will work in place of the Steel Cut? Will any of the measurements change if using the Old Fashioned?



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